Complete tutorials for painting your guitar

Step by step with links to products

How to disassemble a guitar

How to disassemble a guitar The process of disassembling a guitar can be [...]

How to get a TV YELLOW guitar

How to get a guitar TV YELLOW In this article we will detail [...]

How to age a guitar

How to age a guitar: Surf Green + Golden Age In this article [...]

How to paint a guitar

How to paint a guitar: the complete guide Painting a guitar correctly is […]

How to stripp a guitar?

How to stripp a guitar? In this article we are going to deal [...]

How to paint a ukulele?

How to paint a ukulele? In this article from Nitorlack we will provide [...]

Conductive paint for guitars, everything you need to know

How to shield your guitar with conductive paint   What is the shielding […]

Fretboard: Guide for its correct maintenance

How to clean the fretboard of a guitar? The guitar fretboard is one [...]

How to clean your guitar

Summer has come to an end and it is time to give your […]

Butterscotch Nitrocellulose finish in ash wood

0.- Necessary material Concentrated dye solvent yellow base. (cod 480050 0.250ml) Slow Antivelo […]

Vintage Amber neck varnishing process

Necessary material: 480050 NitorTint Yellow 220075 Nitorlack Lacquer Gloss Optional: Nitorlack Amber Vintage […]

Silver Metal Blue Polyurethane painted process

Necessary materials NitorPOL Primer White NitorPol Translucid Blue y NitorPOL SilverSparkle NitorPOL Lacquer […]

Nitrocellulose process 3 Tone Sunburst

Fast Yellow Dye Concentrate 480050 Fast Orange Dye Concentrate 480051 Fast Black Dye […]

Process finish guitar Trans Blue Metallic

We’ll detail the entire process to get paint our guitar in a blue […]

Guitar varnishing with water-based products

Water-based varnishing process Guitar disassembly process Wood Preparation Wood stained (Optional) "Contaminated" Timber [...]

Nitrocellulose varnish flamenco guitar

0.- Materials Needed: – Wet cloth – Sandpaper Grit: 240 – 400 – […]

Nitrocellulose varnishing process

The following tutorial explains in detail how to make a translucent nitrocellulose finish [...]

Guitar Finish with SHELLAC

The lacquer is an easy to do, but slow, it takes time and […]


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