Curiosities, news and historical information on new colours and products

History of the colour TV Yellow

History of TV Yellow, one of Gibson's most intriguing colours of the 1950s [...]

History of the Fender Blonde finish

History of the Fender Blonde finish   When Fender launched the first mass-produced [...]

Water-based varnishing, everything you need to know

Water-based varnish for guitars, everything you need to know   In this article [...]

Problems in the varnishing process: Orange Peel

Frequent problems in the varnishing process: Orange Peel During the repainting process different […]

Nitro finish: Is it the best option to varnish a guitar?

What is the best option to varnish your guitar? One of the topics […]

The Les Paul Story

Lester William Polsfuss (Les Paul), el “the waukesha magician”. Les Paul is one […]

History of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar at the Monterey Pop Festival.

Sunday 18 June 1967. Third and final day of the Monterey International Pop […]

covid and rock at present

How has the pandemic influenced the guitar world? When rock's biggest believers claimed [...]

How to paint nitrocellulose guitar from scratch step by step

In this blog post we want to show you step by step how [...]

The real history of Relic Guitars.

In the history of relic guitars there are 2 main protagonists Jay W […]

We paint a guitar with a conventional spray.

At Nitorlack we have tried to paint a guitar with a standard spray [...]

How to care for your guitar: 10 tips

The care of your guitar is the most important point to extend the […]

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s first guitar will be auctioned

“Jimbo”, a Fender Broadcaster that belonged to Jimmie Ray Vaughan, but that eventually […]

Digital printing applied to the guitar

The guitar sector has always seemed to me a very reluctant sector to […]

Nitrocellulose varnishes: everything you need to know

What is true in everything that is said about nitrocellulose? And why do […]

New Polyurethane Primer

The client is one of the pillars of Nitorlack, hence the importance of […]

The colors fender in the 60s

In the 1950s, America’s fascination with the car skyrocketed, largely due to the […]

GIBSON colors in the 60s

Gibson unlike Fender did not easily adopt the concept of offering custom color […]

Tips to spray paint your guitar

The spray or aerosol was devised in the 1920s and has since become [...]

The value of “handmade”

We often find the label “handmade” in all kinds of objects, from food […]

The importance of varnish vibration wood

The first article of this blog we would like to dedicate a hotly […]

Learning to varnishing shellac

The lacquer is an easy to do, but slow, it takes time and […]

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