pintar guitarra with spray

We paint a guitar with a conventional spray.

At Nitorlack we have tried to paint a guitar with a standard spray that we can find on any large surface or DIY center to see what the result is.

With a single black spray, just as anyone without great knowledge of painting would do, we began to paint the guitar applying coats and letting it dry 24 hours between coats.

We see that the spray “ink” the guitar a lot but soon we realize that it does not cover and that for many layers that we apply we cannot cover the pore of the wood and achieve a good finish, we sand between layers and it is very easy to “peel” and to see the wood again.

Another aspect that should be noted is that the spray does not have a wide fan to be able to apply the product uniformly, but rather it has a “cone” fan that makes it difficult to apply and makes it possible to accumulate a lot of product in a single area, making the finish uneven and causing accumulation of product.

Finally, it should be noted that it takes a long time (several days) for each layer to dry, after 24 hours it is still not completely dry. Probably because of this, defects in the irregular surface are seen because the repainting is not good when accumulating layer upon layer without finishing drying.

Given our experience we want to recommend Nitorlack’s spray designed exclusively for guitars and with which you will avoid all these defects that we have previously indicated.

Painting a guitar can be done with any paint, but if you want a professional finish it requires special guitar products,

which will allow you to close the pore of the wood, if you don’t achieve this the result will never be good.

If you are interested in carrying out this process of customizing your guitar, I recommend that you take a look at the tutorials we have on our website, as well as the videos, if you perform the steps as detailed here you will get a professional finish and according to the quality of the product.


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