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Professional guitar paint for GUITARS

Valresa we have been manufacturing wood paints for 50 years, as a result of our experience and specialization we have become specialists in lacquers and guitar paint. They are used by both the hobbyist and the best guitar makers and luthiers. Learn with us how to paint a guitar . The product professionals choose for guitar painting!

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productos para pintar guitarra electrica

Best selling products

como pintar guitarra electrica

All the PRODUCTS you need to painting guitar.

  • STAINS  NitorTINT are concentrated stains specially designed to stain wood for guitars, specially designed to highlight the grain of your guitar.
  • PRIMERS developed specifically by NITORLACK for guitars. They are especially indicated to prepare the guitar surface for finishing. Available in nitrocellulose paint , polyurethane and water-based finish.
  • CUSTOM COLORS NitorLACK are the result of an exhaustive study of the historical colors of the major brands. We have Fender and Gibson colors, in nitrocellulose paint or polyurethane, nitrocellulose spray or can. Get the classic colors to paint your electric guitar
  • NitorLACK FINISHES are developed specifically for guitars and musical instruments. Get the finish you’ve always dreamed of, from a mirror effect to a matte. Our guitar finishes offer you the protection you need for the instrument and bring the beauty and depth of the finish. Nitrocellulose paint for painting guitar . We also have the best nitrocellulose lacquer with which you will achieve a professional finish.
  • SOLVENTS Nitorlack. The main function is to dissolve, dilute and clean, although a very important function is the use of the solvent as a vehicle by which we will transport the guitar varnish from the application system to the guitar. This is the reason why the use of the appropriate solvent is very important to achieve an optimal result. We have two degrees of evaporation depending on the temperature and humidity.
  • ACCESSORIES . We have all the necessary accessories to paint electric guitar . Guitar polishes, sandpaper, stripper and grain fillers to paint your guitar like a professional.

TUTORIALS on how to paint a guitar

Videos, tutorials and processes on how to paint a guitar electric , which will help you make the result of painting guitar perfect.

A good preparation of the wood together with the proper instructions to apply the guitar paint  NitoLACK will result in a perfect finish. For this we recommend you read our tutorials and tips that will guide you step by step how to make your guitar look as you have always wanted.

tutoriales para pintar guitarra electrica


The best guitar paint and products to painting guitar

laca nitrocelulosa para pintar guitarra
barniz al agua para pintar guitarra
la mejor laca al agua para pintar guitarra
tintes para pintar guitarra

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