Classic colors catalog Fender and Gibson.
True colors have great brands Fender and Gibson classic nitrocellulose and polyurethane finish, durability and quick drying, Butterscotch, Surf Green, Sonic Blue, Fiesta Red, Daphne Blue etc.

Based on original colors
Keep in mind that colors of vintage guitars have varied greatly over the years, and two guitars finished in 1960 with colors of fender letter today may be completely different. To develop our colors we have tried to build on original samples as possible getting very achieved colors.

How much product I need to buy as spray?
It will depend on the type of wood and the amount of product applied per hand and finish you want, or mirror effect “open pore.” But overall for a guitar with a medium pore wood would be:
Neck Electric Guitar: 2 spray finish (gloss or matte)
Body electric guitar: 1 and 3 background spray spray finish (gloss or matte)
Archtop acoustic or 1 spray background and 4 or 5 spray finish (gloss or matte)
Ukelele: 2 spray finishing. (Gloss or matte)
If you want to apply a color or tint between background and finishing should add 1 to 2 spray color or tint. In the case of buying the product canned, 1 can we have to finish 3 or 4 guitars.

Spray application tips
It is recommended to apply the spray in thin layers and with ambient humidity as low as possible
Apply a uniform movement and with a distance of 20 cm.
It is important to apply a background / sealer and sand with 400 before applying the spray to achieve a uniform surface before coloring or finish.
Sanding between coats and allow to dry for 12 or 24 hours between them.
Apply in ventilated areas.