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Nitrocellulose and Poliurethane colors for guitars, spray and can.

Based on the original Fender and Gibson colors. To develop our metallic colors for guitars we have based on original samples from the 50s and 60s.

After a great work and exhaustive study by our laboratory and technical department, we have achieved colors that faithfully recreate the tones of vintage Fender and Gibson guitars for painting electric guitars.

During those years until nowadays it is important to take into account that the colors of vintage guitars have changed a lot over the years due to the aging of the nitrocellulose lacquer and modifications in the colors of the brands.

Therefore, two guitars finished in 1960 with the Fender color chart can be totally different from each other or from a more current guitar.
Within this range of metallic colors we can highlight the metallic colors, which stand out for their brightness and durability over time.

If you want more information about how to paint a guitar and get a good finish, here you have the link to an article of our blog.

You can also access the tutorials section and see how these processes of painting and customizing your guitar are carried out.

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