Gel remover solvent based high power of paint or varnish type nitrocellulose, water-based polyurethanes, synthetic, etc … 0.750 liters.

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Gel colorless solvent based paint stripper high remover power. It contains acid or alkaline products and therefore respects the painted surface, not producing corrosion on metal or altering the color of the wood. Due to its special thixotropic does not drip.

They apply to films quite thick brush product, leaving work for 5 to 15 minutes. After the attacked and dissolved mass is removed using a spatula. NEVER SHOULD APPLY TO GUN.

If it’s a tough old paint or grate it should, making cuts trellises, before application and repeat this several times, since the product is slowly attacking and dissolving the layer or layers of paint.
Before repainting on the etched surface should be cleaned perfectly using solvent.
The product should not be left more than an hour applied to the surface to be stripped as it would form a hard layer.

Being a product solvent must be applied with good air renovation and protection measures necesarias.Preservar containers high temperatures and direct exposure to sol.No eat, drink, or smoke aplicación.En case of contact with eyes, rinse with clean water and abundante.Tóxico ingestión.Mantener out of the reach of children.

750 ml


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