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Dyes for electric guitar

They are concentrated guitar stains especially suitable for staining wood and giving your electric guitar the tone you want. They can be used with a spray gun or applied directly to the crankpin on the wood and are diluted in solvent, water or alcohol.

Customize your electric guitar

Guitar stains are specially designed to change the color of the wood with maximum transparency without altering the natural wood mesh. Concentrated guitar dyes with a double utility. On the one hand, it can be diluted with a solvent to apply directly to the wood with a crank pin or airbrush. On the other, they can be used to color the finishing varnish.

Increase the beauty of the guitar

It increases the beauty of any wood by highlighting its grain with NitorTINT dyes. Dilute the stain with Solvent Retard or Water and using a crankpin you can achieve that 3D effect on the tops of woods such as quilted maple, flamed maple and woods with very pronounced veins.

At Nitorlack we have not wanted to forget the tints for classical or flamenco guitar. We have specially formulated the classic tints for Spanish guitar, flamenco red, yellow, orange and old gold tints. We recommend diluting the NitorTINT dyes by 2 or 3% and applying evenly until the desired tone is achieved

If you don’t have an airbrush gun you can apply the guitar dye very easily with the system Spray Preval . This replaceable spray system consists of a 170 ml glass tank where we place the mixture of dye with diluent and some replaceable spray cartridges. Through a vacuum process Venturi extracts the medium from the attached reservoir and delivers a professional finish without mixing the propellant and the medium. The replaceable cartridges are capable of spraying up to 650 ml. The result is an unadulterated finish with no color change.

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