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SuperBlonde dewaxed shellac, Lemon 1st and pumice.

All you need to finish your guitar in Shellac, traditional finish for flamenco and classical guitar.

Brittle flakes, translucent yellow to bright orange-brown.

It is soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water and slightly soluble in acetone and ether. Shellac is a resin produced by some insects that live on the branches of some trees of India, lacquer raw is collected from the tree and crushed and proceed to your selection, then heated, compressed and becomes a plastic dough ready to extend, forming a thin plate and allowed to dry for later cut that is as found in the market.

Shellac is hard and tough, and offers a good quality of coverage, the thin film has a high gloss that is resistant to abrasion and UV degradation.

Pumice is an igneous or volcanic rock powder contains silicon oxide and aluminum oxide. Uses: Abrasives, preparation of powders for use in dentistry (Prosthetic) and cosmetics, cleaning delicate surfaces in civil and monumental construction in those where a smooth application, such as fillers is desirable.

The aim of this is to protect the wood finish closing the pores and to inject hardness and elasticity.

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Lemon 1ª, Pumice, Superblonde