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Guitar finishes

Nitorlack finishes are high quality finishes for use on guitars and musical instruments. We have any technology to apply in our guitar, nitrocellulose, polyurethane, water and shellac. All our finishes guitar have the highest quality and finishes used in vintage instruments, repair work and instruments handmade high-end.

Available in five pack sizes (400 ml spray, Lata 1 liter can of 5 liters) and matte or gloss finish.

Nitrocellulose and polyurethane finishes must first be diluted with diluents Nitorlack. We recommend diluting about a 15- 20% depending on the average moisture choose between solvent evaporation or slow to avoid blurred.

Get a professional finish on your guitar.

All the finishes you need to paint your guitar like a pro. Nitrocellulose guitar , polyurethane for guitar, environmentally friendly water-based finishes and the traditional shellac finish for guitars.

Nitorlack’s guitar finishes provide the best finish on the market for the instrument, respecting its vibration, obtaining the best sound.

Nitrocellulose of the best quality for instruments.

Get the vintage and aged instrument look you’ve always wanted. Made especially for instrument finishing.

You can find the nitrocellulose finish on the best Fender and Gibson instruments and high-end guitars.

All NitroLACK finishes can be found in different containers to adapt to your needs, you can even find our nitrocellulose for guitar in spray format for greater ease of application.

With our NitorLACK RELIC you can achieve a Relic effect more easily than conventional nitrocellulose. With a special formulation very similar to nitrocellulose from decades ago, you can crack the finish more easily with changes in temperature.

The water-based finish of NitorLACK does not evaporate solvents, it is respectful with the environment, and can be applied in garages, storage rooms and homes without disturbing the neighbors. it is cleaned and diluted with water. Available in gloss or matte.

Traditional GOMALACA finish

Everything you need to finish your guitar in Gomalaca, a traditional finish for flamenco and classical guitar.

Brittle, translucent yellow to bright orange-brown scales.

Commonly used in classical / flamenco and acoustic guitar.

The pumice stone is an igneous or volcanic rock in powder, it contains silicon oxide and aluminum oxide, it generates a very fine powder that is used for various finishing techniques, especially to cover the pore prior to finished with shellac.

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