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Classic black color, a favorite color from the origins to the present day.

BLACK GLOSS FENDER classic finish

Classic black, a favorite color from its origins to the present day..

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Colors for vintage-inspired guitars

Black Gloss. Based on original Fender and Gibson colors. To develop our colors for guitars we have been based on original samples from the 50s and 60s. After great work and exhaustive study by our laboratory and technical department, we have achieved some colors for guitars that faithfully recreate the tones of vintage Fender and Gibson guitars to paint electric guitar. During those years until today, it should be borne in mind that guitar colors vintage have changed a lot over the years due to the aging of nitrocellulose lacquer and changes in the brands’ own colors. Therefore two guitars finished in 1960 with fender card colors today can be totally different between them or with respect to a more current guitar.


Application guide:

  • We begin to apply the color once we have anchored the guitar with Nitorlack Primer.
  • When we start the paint job the pores must be closed and the grain should not be marked.
  • We apply the product either by spray or gun at about 25 cm.
  • When we apply we must follow an application pattern, first horizontally and then vertically, applying the paint evenly.
  • Apply several coats, letting dry between them about 24 hours and sanding between them, to remove any remaining impurities.
  • This work will be completed when the surface is completely smooth and free of imperfections.


Frequently asked questions:


How many sprays do I need to varnish a guitar?

– If the surface is well covered and it is not your first project, you can do it with a spray, although you will not apply many coats. However if you are not an expert we recommend using 2 sprays for an optimal finish.

At what temperature should the guitar be during and after the process?

-For best results, we recommend applying it in a place whose temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees and between 45% and 60% humidity.

Where should I perform the process?

-A clean place will be essential, to prevent dirt or dust particles from adhering to the surface.


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Technology & Size

Nitrocellulose 5 Liters, Nitrocellulose 500 ml, Nitrocellulose can 1L, Nitrocellulose spray 400ml, Polyurethane 500 ml

24 reviews for BLACK GLOSS

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    Anonimo (verified owner)

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  2. Italian

    Domenico (verified owner)

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  3. Italian

    Vincenzo Albamonte (verified owner)

    Buongiorno devo dire che sono rimasto soddisfatto per l’arrivo del prodotto da me richiesto ma devo sottolineare che
    Dopo l’acquisto non mi è arrivata nessuna comunicazione via email dell’avvenuta spedizione , solo questo poi il resto tutto ok …grazie

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  4. Spanish

    Luis Andreu (verified owner)

    esAragon, Spain

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  5. Italian

    Orazio A. (verified owner)

    Resa perfetta

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  6. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    la buse de la bombe pour pulvériser la peinture n’est pas assez fine ce qui rend la pulvérisation grasse après changement de celle si meilleur résultat

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  7. French

    Barthelemy Johnatan (verified owner)

    Excellente qualité, recouvrement au top, brillant superbe. Dommage pour les délais de livraison.

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  8. Spanish

    Anónimo (verified owner)

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  9. Spanish

    Francisco (verified owner)


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  10. Spanish

    José Francisco DONOSO CASTIÑEIRAS (verified owner)

    esAragon, Spain

    Buena calidad, buen acabado, muy caro

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  11. Italian

    Antonio (verified owner)

    Ottimo prodotto dalla brillantezza impeccabile.

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  12. English

    Del GRAY (verified owner)

    frVienne, France

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  13. French

    Adrien J. (verified owner)

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  14. English

    Pierre Guitarservice ApS – Dubre (verified owner)

    Excelent..! best product ever.. 🙂

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  15. Italian

    Luigi Cardinale (verified owner)

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    Marc Vandewalle (verified owner)

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  17. English

    Vidas (verified owner)

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  18. English

    Robert Schotman (verified owner)

    This covering and consistent color is really beautiful.

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  19. English

    PAULO (verified owner)


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  20. Spanish

    Anónimo (verified owner)

    Nitrocelulosa en spray de gran calidad

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  21. English

    Robert Schotman (verified owner)

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  22. Italian

    roberto (verified owner)


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