Poliuretano en guitarras

New Polyurethane Primer

The client is one of the pillars of Nitorlack, hence the importance of knowing how to listen to the customer to know their needs, their preferences and who would like to be improved.

We have optimized the formulation of our polyurethane sealant bottom (NitorPol Primer) to meet a critical need.

This new sealing bottom has been specially designed to eliminate the white marks that occur with a small impact on the guitar, often unavoidable due to daily use. Also avoid the white marks produced in the manipulation of the piece on the sanding table when anchoring the guitar. This advantage is due to the fact that this new product stays completely integrated in the wood.

This technologically new and studied fund is the final result of the combination of a New Formulation with a different manufacturing process, reaching a fund with an exceptional transparency, covering and sanding; A combination difficult to get.

It is a varnish varnish of polyurethane bottom with an unbeatable transparency and no glazing of the varnish layer, highlighting its extreme elasticity adapting to the sudden changes of temperature that produce in the wood contractions and dilations, avoiding the cracking of the layer of varnish .

You can get this product at the following link: NitorPol Primer

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