Digital printing applied to the guitar

The guitar sector has always seemed to me a very reluctant sector to changes and technical innovations, maintaining the same materials and artisan manufacturing methods for years and up to the present.

I am sure that the bet of the companies for innovation and research in new materials, new designs and improvement of the productive processes will give rise to a new line of instruments with new technologies that very soon will be present in the last fairs of the sector.

The future of guitar customisation

At the head of this innovation is VALRESA COATINGS, which is already a reference in varnishes for musical instruments with its NITORLACK brand, now it surprises us with a new system of digital printing on wood called SINGULAR SURFACE that allows to print any type of design on wood of a very simple and productive way.

Do not you think it would be interesting to apply this technology to the guitar sector?

I am sure it would be possible.

Get print directly on the guitar any motif or effect we want, such as the rosette, customizations, logos etc. It would be a breakthrough. In addition, it would allow us to make “figurations” of high grade woods over others of lower quality, saving costs and time in the production process, especially in long manufacturing runs.

Once again VALRESA COATINGS surprises us with its commitment to innovation and I am convinced that with its new technology SINGULAR SURFACE will be a revolution in the sector.

This new method may mark a before and after in the world of guitar customisation and we believe it will be sooner rather than later. I encourage you to follow our blog and the SINGULAR SURFACE website closely if you want to be informed at all times of the changes that are taking place.

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