We paint a guitar with a conventional spray.

At Nitorlack we have tried to paint a guitar with a standard spray that we can find on any large surface or DIY center to see what the result is. With a single black spray, just as anyone without great knowledge of painting would do, we began to paint the guitar applying coats and letting [...]

10 tips to take care of your guitar

The care of your guitar is the most important point to extend the life of the instrument, here are 10 essential tips for you to enjoy your guitar for many years: # 1 – Change your ropes from 2 to 2 to minimize the change of tension in the mast. # 2 – Every time […]

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s first guitar will be auctioned

“Jimbo”, a Fender Broadcaster that belonged to Jimmie Ray Vaughan, but that eventually ended up belonging to Stevie Ray Vaughan will be auctioned by Juliens, an auction house specializing in items referring to the stars of the different artistic disciplines. Juliens says that this is the only guitar from Vaughan’s first stage that has been […]

Tokaa Guitars with Nitorlack.

Our client and friend Albert, from Tokaa Guitars, has sent us some photos of his latest guitar made entirely with our products. It is a Les Paul Gold Top 56 type model with Bigsby aged Gold Top nitrocellulose finish, Honduras mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard from the Amazon. The pills are made by Albert in […]

Digital printing applied to the guitar

The guitar sector has always seemed to me a very reluctant sector to changes and technical innovations, maintaining the same materials and artisan manufacturing methods for years and up to the present. I am sure that the bet of the companies for innovation and research in new materials, new designs and improvement of the productive […]

Nitrocellulose varnishes: everything you need to know

What is true in everything that is said about nitrocellulose? And why do guitarists still want their instruments finished with this material? Clarence ‘Leo’ Fender, would be perplexed by the current guitar market. Legend has it that he was always looking to the future; That his next guitar and the processes used to do so […]

New Polyurethane Primer

The client is one of the pillars of Nitorlack, hence the importance of knowing how to listen to the customer to know their needs, their preferences and who would like to be improved. We have optimized the formulation of our polyurethane sealant bottom (NitorPol Primer) to meet a critical need. This new sealing bottom has […]

The colors fender in the 60s

In the 1950s, America’s fascination with the car skyrocketed, largely due to the booming economy of the postwar years in the country. As a result, car manufacturers began offering their products with increasingly better finishes. Beyond the luxurious interiors, switches and buttons, one of the key elements of the surge in the popularity of the […]

GIBSON colors in the 60s

Gibson unlike Fender did not easily adopt the concept of offering custom color finishes. It was not contrary to personalized work or colorful finishes, but I saw them more as a result of its wide range of string instruments: acoustic, electric and other instruments. While competitors such as Fender, Gretsch, Harmony and Rickenbacker did not […]

Tips to spray paint your guitar.

The spray or aerosol was devised in the 1920s and has since become a quick, economical and simple way to apply any type of paint. But to get good results in the application with spray is necessary to follow a series of recommendations. To learn how to paint correctly you must know the product that […]

The value of “handmade”

We often find the label “handmade” in all kinds of objects, from food to cars, to musical instruments, of course. But what this label means? Because “handmade” it seems that defines very well how it has built something, but really built this article using only your hands? certainly not. Has any machine involved in the […]

The importance of varnish vibration wood

The first article of this blog we would like to dedicate a hotly debated topic in forums on the different finishes on guitar, nitrocellulose, polyurethane, water, polyacrylic etc. “There is a technical explanation for a guitar with the passage of time to find out why sounds better, is that in ancient guitars finished in nitro […]

Learning to varnishing shellac

The lacquer is an easy to do, but slow, it takes time and a little practice. Before varnishing a guitar, furniture or other instrument, it would be interesting to experiment with a small piece of furniture or just any table. It may take three or four weeks. Upon completion you should spend a week to […]