Vintage Amber neck varnishing process

Necessary material:

Optional: Nitorlack Amber Vintage Spray

1. Sanding the neck of the guitar with 240 and 400 grit sandpaper. Always sanding in favor of the wood grain so as not to create stripes across.

2. We sing a little with yellow concentrated dye the finish that we will apply on the entire neck and we get the tone with fine hands, we can also use the Nitorlack Amber vintage spray product if we do not have paint equipment.

3. Once dry and once we have the desired shade, the rest of the mast will be varnished with colorless bright nitrocellulose. With fine passes, hand after hand. Letting a minimum of 24 hours dry between layers and sanding between them to flatten the surface to the maximum and obtain the best result

We recommend diluting the last coat of nitro gloss finish 15% to 20% so that it stretches better and does not spray.

4. To polish you have to wait 8 to 10 days. Before polishing, sand with 2000 sandpaper by adding water on the finish and always sanding wet and without excessive pressure. Use a high speed polisher and never exert excessive pressure on the finish. If we overheat the material will be whitish. Regarding the polishing paste use a medium grain to remove the largest particles and then a fine grain to get the polish shine. It is also advisable to use a brightener additive for the final review.


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