how to clean a guitar

How to clean your guitar


Summer has come to an end and it is time to give your instrument a cleaning and maintenance. Before launching into it, it is convenient to do a little review.

How damaged is our guitar?

Sudden changes in temperature and humidity can negatively affect your instrument, but with a little inspection we can detect and resolve many of them.

With the guitar in your hands, slide your thumb and index finger over the edge of the neck, if you notice that the ends of the frets stick out, it is that the wood has contracted too much, the air has caused the wood to contract.

We have two possibilities, to use a humidifier inside the case of our guitar or to use a humidifier for the room where we have the instrument, either of them is good to get the right atmosphere.

It is important not to spend too much time in very dry environments otherwise it will cause chips and cracks, especially in the fretboard and tops of classical and acoustic guitars.

The opposite case of very high humidity can also loosen the guitar, misadjust the height of the strings, the neck that is too concave or convex, etc. The best thing would be to take it to a luthier for a good adjustment and have the instrument ready to play.

Time to start deep cleaning the guitar

Once we have our guitar ready, it is time for a deep cleaning, and for this at Nitorlack we have the best product on the market

Our cleaner can be used on all guitar surfaces as it is fully compatible, even with nitrocellulose finishes.

Use a microfiber cloth and apply a small amount of Polish & Cleaner, then wipe the surface of the guitar until it is dry and free of cleaner residue to achieve superior shine, cleaning and protection.

Pay special attention to areas that are more difficult to access and where dust and dirt tend to accumulate, such as under the strings in the bridge area or areas where the arm rub is more intense.

Finally, after the general cleaning, it is advisable to use any of the oils available on the market to nourish the wood of our fingerboard in case it is not varnished.

How often to repeat this cleaning?

We must clean the surfaces of the guitar every time we play, thus preventing dirt from accumulating and damaging any area or components of the guitar. It is highly recommended to always store the guitar in its case when not in use and to perform a deep cleaning every time a string change is made.

Tip: Clean the guitar with clean strings, you will be able to better access all the corners of the guitar and treat the neck properly Tip: Clean the guitar with clean strings, you can better access all the corners of the guitar and treat the neck properly.

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