Nitrocellulose process 3 Tone Sunburst

  • Fast Yellow Dye Concentrate 480050
    Fast Orange Dye Concentrate 480051
    Fast Black Dye Concentrate 480049
    220075Nitorlak Guitars “Vintage” BR
    540421Valdis Universal Media Solvent Evaporation
    Slow Solvent Evaporation Antivelo 540420

1. Sanding the guitar body with grit 240 and 400. Sanding is always in favor of the wood grain to avoid creating streaks through

2. Application of Dye Yellow Concentrate diluted with solvent evaporation 540,421 medium in a proportion of 2% -3%. The dye must be applied with little air pressure and the range of the open to go achieving the desired base color, fine past pistol. Always giving cross past work, that is, from top to bottom and left to right. First we make the song and then the flats.

3. We now apply a hand of colorless gloss nitro finish to fix the dye and to be giving depth to the effect.
4. Let it dry 12 hours and apply the second Dye Concentrate Orange. This time we will apply blurring and shading singing something inward. Also undercut solvent evaporation and will average 2-3% orange dye. The application will make a different, special gun to blend. Airbrushes are often called. Allow better regulate the output range of material and are more manageable than the normal gun “airmix”, although you can also perform the process with conventional gun.

5. In the next phase, we will fix the dye colorless gloss nitro finish.

6. We will leave to dry for 24 hrs and apply the “burn” Sunburst in black. We will do it with concentrated black dye because the transition is blurred more progressive and clean if we do with pigmented black nitro. Later we will fix with colorless nitro. These intermediate layers will give depth to the different layers making a spectacular 3D .

7. It only remains to dry 24 hours to sand with grain 400 -800.

8. Now we need to apply layer after layer of colorless nitro gloss finish. It should be progressive sanding between coats with 800 grit and 2000 (first sanded with 800 and then spent 2000 to soften sandpaper stripes sandpaper). It is also important to dry as long as possible each layer to the next layer nitro do not remove the bottom and seat well the material. In addition we note that sanded better. Wait at least 24 hours, if squeezing a bit with the nail in the finish we got to make a mark, we must wait longer for the next coat.

9. To perform the polishing step, it must be expected 8 to 10 days. Before polishing, sanding with sandpaper 2000 by adding water to the finish and always wet sanding and without undue pressure. Using a high speed polisher and never exert excessive pressure on the finish. If sobrecalentamos the material we shall be white. Regarding polishing paste using a medium grit to remove larger particles and then a fine grained to make the gloss polishing. It is also advisable to use a brightener additive for final review.

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