Application of Grain Filler for filling the pores before finishing

The grain filler is designed to fill the pore of the wood, especially in woods with open and large pores such as mahogany, ash or rosewood.
With the grain filler we manage to leave the surface smooth for the subsequent application process. Below we explain how to use it. 


In a glass put the grain filler with approximately 10% warm water.
Mix it until it has no lumps and with an adequate consistency to apply.


1. Prepare the surface by sanding with 400 grit and remove any remaining solvents or oils.
2. Apply the grain filler in the direction of the grain and then the opposite of it. Let dry 10 minutes
3. With a spatula with an angle of 45 degrees remove the excess grain filler.
4. Once dry, clean the remaining residue with a clean dry cloth.
5. Sand the surface with 400 grit.

NOTESIf necessary a next application of grain filler let dry 30 minutes
You can tone the color of the grain filler with our water-based dyes.
Wait 24 hours to apply any subsequent finish to the grain filler.
It is not toxic.

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