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NitorPOL Lacquer

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Two component POLYURETHANE finish, excellent body, hardness and elasticity.

Colorless or white, gloss or matt

These properties together with its high transparency give a sense of depth of the film in the unsurpassed guitar nitrocellulose, shellac or water based.

And with fewer layers of product we get more feeling of brightness and body.

The high impact resistance and scratch resistance of polyurethane varnish provides maximum protection, security and durability to the guitar with the passage of time.

Ratio 2: 1 mixture with hardener

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Clear Gloss 1L, Clear gloss 250 ml, Clear Gloss 5 liters, Clear matt 1L, Clear matt 250 ml, Clear matt 5 liter, White Gloss 1L, White gloss 250 ml, White Gloss 5 Liters, White Matt 1L, White matt 250 ml, White Matt 5 Liters

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NitorAQUA Lacquer

WATER-BASED finish to paint guitars. CLEAR MATE or BRIGHT, WHITE or BLACK has the ability to be more wood lacquer leaves perspire for a unique sound on guitar. Get honed natural effect of easy, clean and easy. No evaporated solvents, environmentally friendly, and can be applied in garages, storage rooms and homes without disturbing the neighbors.

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NitorLACK Lacquer

NITROCELLULOSE finish high gloss paint especially developed for guitar. Available in GLOSS or MATT, or CANNED SPRAY. Get merge layer by layer of varnish hands with guitar, leaving the wood transpire without interfering or modifying the sound reproduced by the body of the guitar, getting a pure vibration. Nitrocellulose with great elasticity, anti-crazing, mirror effect. Very easy application, repair and maintenance.

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Dewaxed Shellac Super Blonde, 1st Lemon and Pumice.
All you need to finish your guitar in Shellac, traditional finish for flamenco and classical guitar.
Brittle flakes, translucent yellow to bright orange-brown.
Commonly used in classical / flamenco and acoustic guitar.

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