NitorTINT are concentrated stains especially indicated for staining wood and giving your electric guitar the tone you want. You can get from classic tints to more modern tints to paint your guitar. They are specially formulated for luthier and guitar-specific stains formulated and designed by our experts. To paint electric and classical guitar, they are not the typical wood stains for the furniture market.

Bring the wood grain of your guitar back to life!


The backgrounds developed by NITORLACK are backgrounds developed especially for guitars. Among the main characteristics of our sealing lacquer are its covering power due to its high amount of solids, fast drying and easy sanding, ease of application and good transparency.

A good preparation will bring us many benefits, mainly a better finish and saving time and product in the dyeing and finishing phases.


CUSTOM COLORS NitorLACK are the result of an exhaustive study of the historical colors of the big brands. We have Fender and Gibson colors, in nitrocellulose or polyurethane, spray or can. Get the classic colors for your guitar.

The colors developed by Nitorlack to paint guitars are specially formulated for musical instruments, they are flexible finishes and adapt to changes in temperature and to the expansion and compression of the instrument’s wood, allowing the wood to breathe and favoring vibration.


Nitorlack finishes are high quality finishes, for use on guitars and musical instruments. We have any technology to apply to our guitar, nitrocellulose, polyurethane, water-based and shellac, high gloss or matte finish. All of our guitar finishes are of the highest quality and are used in vintage instrument finishes, repair work and high-end handcrafted instruments.


Nitorlack thinners are used to thin all of our solvent-based guitar finishes such as Nitrocellulose, Polyurethane, and dyes.

We have various degrees of evaporation in our solvents, from a medium degree of evaporation that is suitable for the vast majority of applications to a slow evaporation solvent for environments where we have a high degree of humidity and we want to avoid veils.


All the accessories you need to do the finishing job on your guitar. Polishes, sandpaper, masking tape and protective equipment

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