Butterscotch Nitrocellulose on ash wood

0.-Necessary material to paint your guitar with the ButterscotchTopcoat (on ash wood):

Yellow solvent based concentrated thinner. (cod. 480050 0,250 ml)

Slow Anti-veil Solvent (cod. 540424 5L)

Sandpaper 400 – 800 – 2000 grit

Nitro Gloss Spray Topcoat (cod 220074 0,400 ml)


0.- Making the dye:

In a clean and dried container add the slow solvent 540424 and then dose the concentrate yellow dye 480050. Stir until the dye is well mixed. Formula: (98% of slow solvent + 2% of concentrate yellow dye)

1.- Apply the dye with a cloth:
Apply the dye directly to the wood: take a clean and lint-free cloth, damp it in the mixture already prepared. Apply the dye always in the direction of the wood grain. Do not puddle the surface; think that we have to get the final color when we apply several layers of dye. Let it dry a minimum of 4 hours.

2.- Applying the Nitro Gloss Topcoat;
Apply the Nitro Gloss Topcoat with spray: after several layers of dye, sand it with 400/800-grit paper. Sand it softly and with precaution, because if you cause too much pressure it may peel the dye bringing out the natural wood. Continue applying more layers (maximum 2 layers per day, and dry for 6 hours between each coat. The recommended total layers to be applied with spray: 12 thin layers approx. (it will also depend on the wood grain, on the absorption capacity and on the finish we require).

3.- Polish:
Finally, and although it is not necessary but very recommended, we will proceed to the polish of our guitar. To do so, we must wait 3 or 4 weeks for the nitro topcoat gets the suitable hardness to be polished. Note: To polish the polyurethane topcoats (Cod. 120139) waiting 48 hours is enough.

First we will polish with medium polishing paste, in order to remove the impurities and thicker blemishes and later we will work with finest polishing paste. We will avoid overheating the guitar when polishing.


1 – Apply direct color finish:

270763 Nitorlack Guitarras Butterscoth BR will use the reference and apply more passes of color. Once dry we can apply the colorless gloss over color.

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