120139 – NitorPOL Gloss

It is a high gloss and two-component finish. It has an excellent body, hardness and elasticity. These features together with its high transparency give a sense of depth to the film of the guitar, which is hard to beat with nitrocellulose, shellac or water based. Also with less product layers we will get a better sense of gloss and body.

These special features make it suitable for processes where a high gloss is required: guitars, pianos, coffins and so on.

The great impact and scratch resistance of the polyurethane lacquer gives the maximum protection, guarantee and durability to the guitar as time goes on.

It is also recommended to use this product if we need to end the process quickly because it can be polished after 48 hours.

With only this polyurethane lacquer we can complete the whole varnishing process. It will not be necessary to use sealer or priming, unless we varnish very resinous woods.

Mix two parts of 120139 Polyurethane high gloss lacquer with one part of the hardener 190004 Valpon E 004 in volume.

It can be apply with spray, Calderin, Airless and Airmix guns.

For conventional aerographic systems use 2 to 2,5 Mm nozzles and 2,5 – 3 Atom of pressure.

•    Application viscosity: 15” DIN 4
•    Solvent: 540421 Valdis Universal Solvent Average evaporation
•    Weight: 140 gr/cm2

In order to allow a perfect dearation process and layer extensibility, when working in hot environments, mix 5% – 7% with our solvent 540424 Valdis low blooming Slow Evaporation.

In order to obtain the maximum gloss, the surface must be very well sealed and sanded. Sand immediately before painting again.

In order to achieve a high gloss it is advisable to use very thin sandpapers between layers, specially on the last layers. We can start with 800-grit sandpaper in a progressive way up to 2000-grit sandpaper. This product can be polished after 48 hours, once it is completely dried.


•    Viscosity: 14” -19” DIN 4 to 20º C
•    Dry to touch 120 microns, inert support at 20ºC: 90 minutes
•    Dry to touch 120 microns, inert support at 20ºC: 2 hours
•    Total dry 120 microns, inert support at 20ºC: 5 hours
•    Repaint: When necessary it can be repainted after 24 hours of the first layer sanding it first until it is eliminated all the gloss.
•    Pot-Life: 2/1 190004 (Pot-life): 4 hours
•    Gloss: the 120053 1/1 190004 has a gloss 100% in an angle of 60º
•    VOC’s (% weight): 55,8

During product drying time, prevent air currents because they will dry the surface of the film causing such problems as dearation, undulations and lack of extensibility. Some times in pressurized cabins, the air intake goes directly to the pieces which are drying, and the problems aforementioned appear. It is important take into account this question.

Shelf-life: 18 months

With regard to the danger and toxicity of this product, before using it we recommend you check the safety data sheet.

Because of different work situations, all data compiled in this document should adapt to manufacturing and handling conditions prevailing on the user.

ValResa guarantees the quality of the products according to the General Conditions of Sales and Delivery

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