120138 – NitorPOL Matt

It is a matt and two-component polyurethane topcoat. It has an excellent touch and fast dry.
Its good scratch resistance, excellent extensibility and uniformity of the tint make the product very suitable to paint musical instruments such as guitars, basses or violins.
Because it is a two-component product, it gives a good chemical resistance to household products and physical impact and rubbing resistance; therefore it guarantees maximum protection and durability to the guitar as time goes on.
We achieve finishes with good covering power and excellent uniformity with few layers.
It will be applied on pieces which have been sealed before.
Suitable for any kind of solid wood or wood veneer musical instruments.
As time goes on, this finish acquires a tone of honey or yellow giving a very appreciated vintage appearance.
Mix two parts of 120138 Polyurethane Matt Guitars Finish with one part of the hardener 100144 Valpon E 144 always in volume.
It can be apply with spray, Calderin, Airless, Airmix and Electrostatic guns.
For conventional aerographic systems use 1,5 to 1,8 Mm nozzles and 2,5 – 3 Atom of pressure. For Airmix use 0,4 mm nozzles and 3 Atom of material pressure and 3 Atom of air pressure.
In order to achieve a perfect finish, then always apply with a temperature between 10-25ºC and relative humidity between 50%-75%
Depending on the application equipment used and the environmental conditions we will have to adjust the type and quantity of solvent we use.
Nevertheless, as a general rule, use the 540421 Average Evaporation Solvent, more or less 5-10%. In case of high temperatures dilute 5-7% with 540424 Slow Evaporation Solvent, achieving better dearation and extensibility
Product information:
• Pot-life of the mixture with the 100144 is 8 hours
• Dry to touch 120 microns inert support 45 minutes at 20ºC
• If it is going to be repainted we must sand the product first
• Stacking: recommended 24 hours
• Weight approx. 130-150 gr/m2
• Stability in the container: minimum 6 months

Viscosity of the mixture: 19-22” DIN 4 at 20ºC
Gloss of the 120080 at an angle of 60º: 23-27
VOC’s (% weight): 68

During product drying time, prevent air currents because they will dry the surface of the film causing such problems as dearation, undulations and lack of extensibility. Some times in pressurized cabins, the air intake goes directly to the pieces which are drying, and the problems aforementioned appear. It is important take into account this question.
Shelf-life: 18 months
With regard to the danger and toxicity of this product, before using it we recommend you check the safety data sheet.
Because of different work situations, all data compiled in this document should adapt to manufacturing and handling conditions prevailing on the user.
ValResa guarantees the quality of the products according to the General Conditions of Sales and Delivery.
Protective measures: in case of inadequate ventilation you must work with protective masks when applying the product with gun.
Do not dump the product at the sewers or public watercourses.

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