Caramel-colored dye, widely used for classical and flamenco guitars.

This dye has a high transparency, good matching power, fast drying and light fastness.

You can dilute it with other dyes to get the customized tone you need. To dilute the concentrated dyes we will use solvent, medium or slow evaporation, water or alcohol. We can even use them to tone the gomalaca.

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Caramel dye for classical guitar

250 ml bottle

The caramel dyes for flamenco guitar NitorTINT are specially designed to change the colour of the wood with maximum transparency without altering the mesh of the natural wood. Concentrated dyes with a double utility. On the one hand, they can be diluted with a solvent to be applied directly to the wood with a wood dye or airbrush. On the other hand, they can be used to colour the finishing varnish. They are universal stains that can be diluted in solvent, water or alcohol. In the case of a dab application it is recommended to use water or a Nitorlack Retard thinner. NitorTINT dyes should be diluted between 3% and 10% depending on the type of application.

caramel color guitar dye

Highlights the wood grain

Enhance the beauty of any wood by highlighting its grain with NitorTINT stains. Dilute the stain with Solvent Retard or Water and by using a wood stain pad you can achieve that 3D effect on the tops of woods such as quilted maple, flamed maple and woods with very pronounced grain. A trick to highlight the grain of the wood is to apply a black stain as a base and sand, then apply stain of the color you want. We will obtain a much more pronounced effect since the black stain will remain in the most pronounced grains of the wood and the rest with the chosen color.

Dyes and varnishes for flamenco and classical guitars

In Nitorlack we did not want to forget the dyes for classical or flamenco guitar. We have specially formulated classic Spanish guitar dyes, flamenco red, yellow, orange and old gold. We recommend to dilute about 2 or 3% of the NitorTINT dyes and apply uniformly until you get the tone you want.

spray pintar fácil guitarra con spray para guitarra

Apply the caramel dye for flamenco guitar easily.

Spray recargable Preval

If you do not have an airbrush gun you can apply the dye in a very simple way with the Preval spray system. This replaceable spray system consists of a 170 ml glass tank where we place the mixture of dye with thinner and replaceable spray cartridges. Through a Venturi vacuum process it extracts the medium from the enclosed tank and delivers a professional finish without mixing the propellant and the medium. The replaceable cartridges are capable of spraying up to 650 ml. The result is an unadulterated finish with no color change.

With the guarantee of VALRESA COATINGS S.A.

Technology & Size

Bottle 250 ml

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