How does the Nitorlack affiliate platform work?


First of all, if you are interested in joining the platform, you must fill out this form, which will be pending approval. Once approved, we will set up the user to receive the agreed commission percentage and the duration of the cookie.

plataforma de afiliados

This is the administrator panel, which all affiliates can access:

In the sub-section “overview” you can check the amount of visits, sales and sales balance generated, and therefore keep track of the generated profits on a daily basis.

If you navigate in the top menu you can see more details concerning your account and change some personal settings.

In the “creative” section you can generate personalised links to each page you want to link to.

You can create a single link or several, depending on the intention of each affiliate.

If you make several links, it is advisable to generate links from different parts of the website, in order to get the user to enter the part of the website you make reference to in each situation.

Once you follow the steps indicated in the image, the custom url will be generated with an extension at the end, which will be what differentiates it from the generic url, this will be the one you will have to share.

Reasons to join our affiliate network


The main advantage of working with Nitorlack affiliates is the duration of the cookie and the average purchase volume per user:

On other affiliate platforms such as AMAZON, this duration is only 24 hours, thus reducing the profit of their affiliate websites.

Purchase volume: as the process of varnishing a guitar is a process that requires several products, customers tend to buy all of them in a pack, so the average payment per purchase is quite high.

If you have a website or any media related to the world of guitars you will be able to generate a monthly passive income.

What does the duration of the cookie influence?

The duration of this will be important when counting the benefits obtained, as it determines the number of days that the user will have to buy and that this purchase will be counted as an affiliate’s purchase.

That is to say, if a user enters your link and buys at the moment this purchase would be counted in your balance, but what happens if the user goes to another website and decides not to buy at the moment, and do it for example the next day? Well, you would not get any benefit despite having brought that customer to the web.

Well, being aware of the type of purchase involved and that it is not usually impulsive, in Nitorlack affiliates we set a cookie of up to 5 days for this purchase to count for our affiliates.

In short: if you bring us a visitor, and he/she buys up to 5 days later, this benefit will be added to your balance as well.

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