Process Lacquer Amber Vintage Nitrocellulose

Necessary material:

480050 – Fast Yellow Dye Concentrate
220075 – Nitorlak Guitars “Vintage” BR
1. Sanding the guitar neck with grit 240 and 400. Sanding is always in favor of the wood grain to not create stripes across.

2. We sang a little yellow dye concentrate apply the finish around the mast and we are getting the tone with fine hands.

3. Once dry and once the desired shade we, the rest of the barnizaremos mast with colorless gloss nitrocellulose. With thin past, hand after hand. Let it dry at least 24 hours between coats and sanding between them to flatten the maximum surface and get the best result

We recommend diluting the last hand finishing gloss nitro 15% to 20% for stretch better and not sprayed.

4. To polish should be expected 8 to 10 days. Before polishing, sanding with sandpaper 2000 by adding water to the finish and always wet sanding and without undue pressure. Using a high speed polisher and never exert excessive pressure on the finish. If sobrecalentamos the material we shall be white. Regarding polishing paste using a medium grit to remove larger particles and then a fine grained to make the gloss polishing. It is also advisable to use a brightener additive for final review.