NitorLACK Primer Blanc


PRIMER NITROCELLULOSE BLANC pour toutes sortes d’applications et en particulier pour les guitares.  Pour sa bonne couvrance et facile à poncer est recommandé d’utiliser dans des procédés nécessitant un séchage rapide et la facilité de manipulation. 1 Litre

Nitrocellulose PRIMER guitar paint and all you need to learn how to paint a guitar


PRIMER NITROCELLULOSE WHITE for all kinds of applications and especially for guitars.

especially suitable for application in solid wood veneers and musical instruments like the guitar that require excellent coverage and wetting of the pore product. For its good covering power and easy sanding is recommended to use in processes requiring fast drying and ease of handling.

The nitrocellulose finish has the feature that merges nicely between layers, allowing the wood to breathe and giving better sound. 1 Liter


Blanc 1L, Blanc 250 ml, Blanc 5 litres, Blanc spray 400ml, Transparent 1L, Transparent 250 ml, Transparent 5 litres, Transparent spray 400 ml