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NitorLACK Primer

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PRIMER NITROCELLULOSE SPRAY or CAN, CLEAR or WHITE for all kinds of applications and especially for guitars.

especially suitable for application in solid wood veneers and musical instruments like the guitar that require excellent coverage and wetting of the pore product. For its good covering power and easy sanding is recommended to use in processes requiring fast drying and ease of handling.

The nitrocellulose finish has the feature that merges nicely between layers, allowing the wood to breathe and giving better sound.

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Clear 1L, Clear 250 ml, Clear 5 liters, Clear spray 400 ml, White 1L, White 250 ml, White 5 Liters, White Spray 400 ml

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NitorPOL Primer

Primer POLYURETHANE  great strength, hardness, high hiding power and high light protection. If you want a finish that dries fast and resistant to scratches and bumps. This is the most suitable. White or Transparent specially designed for applications seeking guitars seal the pore plate and require high transparency. No masks the natural color of wood, mesh revives the wood and the typical veiled blue of polyurethanes does not appear when thick layers are applied. Our anti-bubbles Fund is suitable for applications with pore wetting problems and cratering. Tough and elastic background. Mixing ratio: 2: 1 with hardener.

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NitorPOL Primer Anti-Bubbles

Transparent POLYURETHANE PRIMER ANTI-BUBBLES for guitars  two components that eliminates the problem of bubbles in the varnished guitars when the pore is very large.
Get penetrate the pores of the sheet, removing the air and ensuring the perfect adhesion of subsequent coats of varnish on guitar.
We also help remove the repulse of the plate, making it easier for application of finish guitars.
1: 1 mixture with the hardener.

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NitorAQUA Primer

WATER SEALER  with high filling power, easy sanding, good transparency and excellent thixotropic lacquer. Fast drying, resistance to yellowing and no odor place it as a technologically innovative product. It can be easily applied vertically and cleaning and dilution with water will take place.

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