If you do not find the color you need, contact us and we can do the RAL color you need or a custom color.

To make the color, we need you to send us a sample of the color you want or a picture with good resolution at the following e-mail:



You must indicate the product: if you want nitrocellulose or polyurethane

matte or glossy

Type of packaging: Spray 0,750ml or 0,400ml.

Once correctly received the color sample, we will send you the sample and a photograph of it via e-mail for you to give us your confirmation. So we will register the product on the web so you can place an order for your color.


The price of your color as nitrocellulose is:

For 0,750ml: € 29.14 (VAT included)
Spray (0,400ml): € 27.82 (VAT included)

The price of your color as polyurethane is: (color + hardener)

For 0,500ml: € 32.61 (VAT included)


Upon receipt of your e-mail confirmation color the delivery time is:

1. The deadline for preparation shipping (3-5 days) = validation and verification of data and preparation of its payment + order + collected by the carrier.

2. The deadline for transport and delivery of your order:

Peninsular Spain, the Balearic Islands and Portugal (1-2 days)
Canary Islands (2-3 weeks)
Portugal-Azores Portugal-Madeira (1-2 weeks)
Rest of Europe (3-5 days)

These deadlines are given in business days.


When you send us the picture of the color you want, keep in mind that being digitized, there may be differences between it and the color finally developed because the tones are always approximate because it depends on the color calibration of each team computer, as well as the quality and brightness of the photography.

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