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Why buy Nitorlack?

  • Because Nitorlack spent many years dedicated to musical instruments and varnish are the leading international  brand dedicated exclusively to the sale and distribution of all products necessary for finishing your instrument.
  • In Nitorlack we specialize in varnishes for musical instruments, especially guitars.
  • We manufacture a specific product for the music industry, with a clear objective. Getting the perfect finish respecting the vibration of the instrument wood
  • We offer all the necessary products to paint electric, acoustic and classical guitar getting a professional finish.
  • In Nitorlack we can offer all you need finishes, paint nitrocellulose, polyurethane, water and shellac with guaranteed quality, because it is a specific product of varnish guitars
  • DYES guitar NitorTINT are concentrated dyes specific to paint guitars, available in various packaging and finishes, water or solvent and spray or bottle of 250 ml.
  • PRIMERS developed by specific NitorLACK to paint guitar are intended to prepare the surface for topcoat application. We have the nitrocellulose lacquer sealer spray or can and polyurethane. Especially in woods with large pore it is important to apply a sealer to cover the pores and prepare the surface for applying the finish, both polyurethane and nitrocellulose guitar.
  • Custom developed COLORS NitorLACK are the result of a comprehensive study of historical colors of the big brands. We have colors letter fender colors, and many colors Gibson, both nitrocellulose and polyurethane, spray or cans. Get the classic colors nitrocellulose guitar.Get paint your guitar with Fender and Gibson classic colors like butterscotch, surf Green, party network, daphne blue or black gloss among many others.
  • NitorLACK guitar finishes are developed specifically for musical instruments. You get the finish you’ve always dreamed of, from a mirror effect to a matte or silky satin. Our lacquer guitar instrument that provides the depth and protection you need. We have nitrocellulose lacquer guitar, polyurethane, water or shellac
  • Apply thin coats drying respecting each other.
  • You should wait 24 hours between coats to ensure proper drying and avoid bubbles.
  • The mixing ratio of the solvent finish is 15%, to avoid stretch well and orange peel.
  • If you choose not to use background can give a first layer of lacquer “Nitorlak” guitars diluted 50% solvent , this layer must “wet” wood and penetrate it, favoring the adhesion of the successive coats of finish .
    It is also advisable to use a surface “witness” to go on applying the lacquer layers while on the piece to finish. A paper stuck with masking tape to a rigid support (wood, thick cardboard) is a suggestion. So, first measuring the paper thickness with a caliper and then measuring the resulting thickness of the successive layers once dry, they have a pretty accurate idea of the thickness of the layer to be applied so we can have a more accurate idea of the thickness Of the same. A thickness of 150-180 microns (0.15 to 0.18 mm) ensures a fine finish, which respects the natural vibrations of the instrument, both to protect it, avoiding excessive thicknesses.

Supplies store paint and varnish guitars

In Valresa we are manufacturers of paints for wood for 50 years, the fruit of our experience and expertise we have become a specialist in paints and varnishes for guitars. Our amateur use them both, for the best luthier and guitar makers. The product of choice for professionals!


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