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    Hello, I am contacting you because I would like to ask you several questions as I am repainting my bass guitar. I am telling you what I am doing:

    First, and after stripping and giving a layer of titan filler, (I have seen in forums about painting that it is very commonly used), I paint it with white titan mixed with a little bit of ochre. I gave 5 very thin coats of paint with gun, and when I gave 2 coats of gloss synthetic varnish, the last coat was very thick. The bass guitar is an “Academy” made of plywood and it does not cost 100 €, but it is my first test. When assembling the bass guitar, may be the varnish was not completely dried, it started to wrinkle because of the heat of our hands when screwing, then it fell down and I have it stripped again. What a bore!

    What I am asking is:

    I would like to paint it with your “Vintage White”, with one can is enough? Or, as I see sometimes, shall I give 2 layers of Vintage White and then gloss lacquer?Or, with a can and 7-9 layers of Nitorlak Vintage White will be finished? Can I give 1 layer per day? I live in Lugo and the winter is coming… what solvent you recommend for this latitude? I hope this wasn’t too boring for you and that you can help me.

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